5 Mistakes That Can Derail Your Home Purchase. Things Not to Do When Buying.

Many house hunters don’t realize that today’s actions can have an effect on their ability to buy a house several months down the road.


Here are some actions to avoid so you can increase your ability to secure your best mortgage option. You can also download the full printable checklist.


  1. DON’T make large purchases. This means cars, furniture, appliances, etc. Increasing your debt can affect your credit worthiness.
  2. DON’T switch jobs, especially if you have a history of frequent job changes.
  3. DON’T switch banks or move funds around. Mortgage underwriters typically need to see several months of banking history; switching to new banks and/or accounts can make this history more challenging to piece together.
  4. DON’T make late payments to your debt obligations such as vehicles and credit cards. This can negatively affect your credit ra When we have the necessary documentation to process your loan, we are able to fulfill your loan more efficiently.


Call your local Mortgage Loan Originator to discuss what additional items may need to be added to your list.


- By Lauren Howey, Mar 25, 2019